Monday, January 23, 2012

Psychosexual Development- Freud

5 stages:

Oral- 0-12/18 mo, everything has to do with the mouth. primary conflict weaning. arrested development here results in passivity or dependence. ex. excessive eating, smoking, nail biting

Anal: 1-3 yrs, primary conflict- toliet training, those whose development have stopped here often exhibit obsessions with neatness (anal-retentive), selfishness, rigidity, stinginess or are excessively reckless and disorganized (anal-expulsive).

Phallic: -3-6 yrs. electra/oedopis complex develops. Wants to have sex with parent of opposite sex & hate for same sex parent, extreme fear of being found out. successful development is ability to ID with same sex parent & development of the superego.

Latency: 6-12 yrs. development is focused on social skills not sexual ones.

Genital: 12 yrs or beginning of puberty. mature (adult) sexual love begins

*Goal of therapy bring the unconscious to the conscious so that it can be overcame to move on. Techniques "primary process thinking" used are slips of tongue, dream analysis, free association, projective techniques

ID- unconscious, primal, and reflexive
Ego- attempt to control ID impulses as to what is socially acceptable.
Superego- guilt, conscious, moral development.

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