Monday, January 23, 2012

Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Development

6 stages

Pre-conventional: (4-10)
Stage 1: Punishment and Obedience- can't reason with the kids. has to punish to get them to understand.
Stage 2: Instrumental-Relative- bribery. motivation is rewards to get to them to do what they need to do. Adults- "Whats in it for me?"

Conventional Morality (10-13)
Stage 3: Peer Pressure, acceptance of social group, wants to avoid disapproval. It's wrong when others disapprove. Golden Rule
Stage 4: Law and order orientation, judgement is made according to if it is legal. Understand their own impact

Post-Conventional Morality (adolescent and up)
Stage 5: Social Contract Orientation, ie. law makers, have beliefs but willing to negotiate them.
Stage 6: Universal Ethical Stage. My beliefs are more important than the law. Greater law for all humans. ie. MLK, he believed human rights were more important than the law.

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