Saturday, January 21, 2012

Childhood Disorders in DSM

Biggest difference between the two is the behaviors in the PD's they are not normal at any age.

The LD's are normal & usually 2 yrs behind

Autism-onset infancy or childhood
-self stimulating, self injuring behaviors,
 -2/3s are MR Usually moderately MR
-more common in boys. ALL mental health px are more common in boys.

-don't have language delay

-only in females, deceleration of head growth, start out normal but btw 5-24 mo. starts to have px

Childhood disintegrate disorders

Learning Disorders
-speaking, reading, writing, math, listening
Usually diagnosed btw 8-13 yrs old
-Don't overcome it but compensate it.

ADHD- usually diagnosed before 7

Conduct Disorder -scary kids -aggression to people & animals -destroy parties -teach behaviors/consequences

ODD -annoying kids -don't harm others but question everything

Tourettes- motor and vocal tics. motor is the movement with the vocal

Separation Anxiety Disorder- child can't separate from the parent.

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