Saturday, January 21, 2012

Defense Mechanisms

Goes on Axis II

repression- most basic, can be with other ones, keeping memories in the unconcious in the id

reaction formation-avoiding anxiety instincts by expressing opposite...ex. sexually abused male is acting VERY macho or closeted homosexuals are homophobic ie. glee - with repression a lot of times

regression- going back to an earlier stage,

rationalization- making an unacceptable situation acceptable
when life gives you lemons make lemonade...they are still lemons

projection- putting your own issues onto someone else falsely

displacement- dealing with negative feelings on a less threatening person or thing...kicking the dog or in divorce therapy kid acts out on the custodial parent because bond is secure

sublimation- making unacceptable situation socially acceptable in some way...trickatilamaniac who is a hair dresser OR kid with anger problem playing football to let it out during the game -high adaptive live of defense mechanism

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